Who We Are

Every living being is affected by his or her past experiences, the good, the bad, and certainly the ugly.  The most valuable response is to absorb the good, learn from the bad, and redirect the ugly into something positive. These on-going life responses should rarely be exercised in isolation; it is healthier and more positive to involve others in these journeys. Sometimes we have a community of trusted others but sometimes we don’t so we have to develop our own.  

The Mango Drip is a brand that encourages such self discovery and growth.  Let Mango Drip be your home. The mangos are here to design for who you are, for what you’re feeling, for who you’re striving to become, and for your general self expression.  Mango Drip is here to provide information about issues affecting daily life and life’s journeys, information that affects communities large and small. Mango drip is here to be a platform for discussions relating to physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health and discussions involving social and environmental issues.  

A new decade has arrived and brought with it new challenges to be addressed but it has also dragged forward, screaming and kicking, numerous unresolved issues that affect everyone from the larger scope of the entire world, through the levels and increments of world/country/state communities, and down to the individual and his/her community.  As the poet John Donne said, “no man is an island,” meaning, in part, that humans do best when they are a part of a community rather than isolated. This phrase is shared by all religions and spiritual leaders. Mango Drip is also inclusive in its goal to support and recognize the individual.