Let's talk about the "V" word

Let’s Talk About the “V” word

In the middle of living your life, have you wondered recently what’s going on?  Here you are, going to school, working a job, looking for a job, supporting yourself and/or a family, parenting a child or children…doing combinations of these activities and more…and you look around and think what’s going on;  is this the same country it was a few years ago?  Do you feel in control of your life? Do you feel you or your family are secure in terms of preparation for the future?  Are there special interests or concerns you or your family have about your “place” in all of the “communities” of which you and they are members?

One important thing you can do is vote. Make sure you are registered to vote and let your voice be heard.  Make sure the people you care about are registered to vote. Make your voice be heard.  That’s one important way to exercise your power and exert some control of your life.  This is not corny; this is important.

Register to Vote:  

You’ve been meaning to do this? Now is a great time.  It’ll only take a few minutes. Make your voice be heard; be active with those areas in your life for which you can take control. Be ready for the next elections, local, state, and national.  Be ready to vote.

Go to: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote  Follow the prompts. 

Other Options:

You can also go to: https://www.usa.gov/voter-registration

At this same site, you can accomplish several voting-relating tasks:

Find your state or local Election Office website

Register to vote

Get a Voter Registration Card

Change your voter registration

Confirm that you’re registered to vote

You’re Registered but you don’t know where to go to vote?

Go to:  https://www.vote.org/polling-place-locator/

Select your state and then follow the prompts to find your voting location. Whether it’s a local, state, or national election, you’ll vote in the same place.  

Let your voice be heard.  Get involved. Vote. Be Kind.